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For over 20 years we've been the world's leading source for premium casino quality poker chips. Crafted with care using exclusive molds and classic techniques, our chips bring the authentic Vegas experience to your game.

Explore our celebrated collections, from the high-end Archetype™ collection to the beautifully designed Venerati™ line, and discover chips that meet every taste and preference.

Our History
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Customer Reviews

”Another great buying experience. These chips are a must for the serious player.”

— Tim Jacobsen, Haddonfield, NJ

“Chips arrived fast and they are the real deal! They feel exactly like Vegas chips and are beautiful.”

— - Daniel Ingalla, 
Great Falls, MT

“Great place to buy poker chips, especially if your looking for professional poker chips that look and feel like they do in the casinos. Great shipping and customer service! Would highly recommend.”

— - Alex Seppala
, Vacaville, CA

"Great chips. Purchased a sample pack which was delivered within two days. Ordered a 500 Archetype set two days later and they were delivered within three days. Great products and prompt service. Cost a little more, but worth it. Would do business with again and have already recommended to friends."

— - Michael Macedonia, 
Fernley, NV

Our History


Launched to Meet a Need

Founded in 2003 by Stephan Aarstol, Sidepot Gaming emerged in response to a market saturated with low-quality plastic chips falsely advertised as "casino quality." Motivated by a desire for authenticity and excellence, we partnered with leading casino chip manufacturers to develop our unique product lines. Using proprietary molds and revitalizing old manufacturing techniques, we crafted chips that embody the classic Vegas experience. Our dedication to continuous innovation in design and functionality distinguishes us as a premier poker chip retailer.


First Chips: Vintage Vegas and Modern Clay Lines (discontinued)

The Modern Clay poker chip line from Sidepot Gaming Company was crafted over five months in collaboration with seasoned gamblers, professional designers, and the creators of the iconic Top Hat & Cane Chip. This partnership produced the distinctive “Courts & Numerals” mold, elevating the standard for clay poker chips. Every aspect of the Modern Clay chips was finely tuned, from the authentic clay feel crucial for premium chips to the balanced mold and vivid color details. Features like a suction-inducing inlay cavity for better stackability and a textured, cross-hatched inlay surface distinguished these chips in both function and design, making the Modern Clay line a standout in the poker world.

Casino-grade ceramic poker chips - Archetype™ Poker Chips


Archetype™ Ceramic Chips

The Archetype™ line represents a significant evolution from clay to ceramic, enhancing both durability and design capabilities. Gleaning insights from previous lines, the Archetype™ series introduced unmatched sophistication and functionality. Made from premium ceramic, these chips feature stunning, full-color, edge-to-edge graphics, a balanced weight, and a sophisticated textured finish for superior handling and stackability. Catering to both casual players and poker connoisseurs, the Archetype™ line merges classic aesthetics with modern technology, setting a new industry standard for quality and style.

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InPlay Clay Chips (discontinued)

Our InPlay Clay line was an evolution of our original Modern Clay poker chips, designed to closely mimic the feel of seasoned casino chips. These chips featured smoother edges and utilized our unique Cigar & Snifter mold, considered one of the industry’s finest. The InPlay Clay chips combined a smooth track with a textured, cross-hatched inlay and were pre-oiled to emulate the worn-in feel of casino-used chips. This line set a new standard in home game poker chips by merging superior functionality with distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Protégé Clay (discontinued)

In cooperation with the leading online community for poker chip aficionados Sidepot launched the world’s first clay poker chip design contest (dubbed the Protégé contest), where the community collaborated and voted on everything from chip colors to inlay design.

The Protégé clay poker line, re-introduced shaped inlays to the home poker chip market for the first time in 30 years. Over 50,000 chips pre-sold before the line was officially released.


Venerati™: Quality & Value Combined

The Venerati™ chip line embodies our dedication to delivering value without sacrificing quality. Positioned as a cost-effective option in the high-end market, these ceramic composite chips boast exceptional durability and visual appeal. Featuring vibrant, full-color graphics and a smooth yet textured surface, the Venerati™ chips represent sophistication with a classic design.

This chip has become so popular, knockoffs show up all the time. If you see anyone besides Sidepot selling chips with the Venerati™ name or design, kindly drop us a line. It's hard keeping up with all the fraudsters.

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