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Are custom ceramic chips the same as Archetype™ ceramic chips?

Our custom ceramic chips, while premium, do not match the Archetype™ line in terms of the ultra-high resolution graphics and chip resistance. However, they are still crafted to a high standard, suitable for players seeking a premium personalized poker experience. The custom chips are designed with your unique specifications in mind, offering great quality and aesthetic flexibility, making them a fantastic choice for those looking to tailor their poker chip set. They offer a significant value by combining customization with the substantial quality necessary for personal or private games, standing out as an excellent option for bespoke chip needs.

Can I get an Archetype™ quality chip customized?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer custom production runs for our Archetype™ chips. This limitation is due to the high volume requirements set by our manufacturing partners, which are necessary to maintain the intricate detailing and high-quality standards of the Archetype™ line.

Who manufacturers these custom ceramic chips?

We consider our manufacturing sources to be one of our competitive advantages, and thus our policy is to not release the identity of any of our manufacturers. We have ceramic poker chip samples available if you would like to see the quality of these ceramic chips for yourself.

Are the custom ceramic chips casino-quality?

While our custom ceramic chips are crafted with high standards and good quality, they do not meet the exact specifications we classify as casino-quality, which is a term we reserve for products like our Archetype™ line. Our custom chips provide robust durability and clear graphic printing, yet they are designed for personal rather than commercial casino use. They offer an excellent balance of quality and value, ideal for those looking to customize their gaming experience. We believe in transparency and honesty about our product classifications, ensuring our customers know exactly what they are purchasing and can find the perfect chips for their needs.

Can I get chips made to look just like existing casinos chips?

No. For obvious reasons you cannot get chips made to look like any existing casino currency.

Can I use a protected and/or copyrighted image on my chip design?

No. No faces, logos, or protected images with the expressed written consent of the owner.

Can I get an exact color match to my artwork?

Achieving an exact color match to your artwork in the final printed chips can be challenging. Colors may appear differently in print than they do on screen or on paper, primarily due to the unique characteristics of the printing process used for ceramic chips. While we strive to get as close as possible, it's common for the colors on the chips to be slightly less vibrant than what you see on your digital display. We work diligently to manage expectations and deliver the best possible color accuracy in all our custom chip designs.

Can I get these faster than 2 weeks if I pay more for a rush job?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a rush job option for our custom poker chips. The process of finalizing designs and moving into production has been optimized to be as quick as possible, but it cannot be expedited by paying extra. Typically, the turnaround time is about 2 weeks, which ensures each set of chips meets our high-quality standards without compromising the end result. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to delivering your custom chips as swiftly as possible.

Does it cost extra to have a different image on both sides of each chip?

No. We do not charge extra for a different image on either side of the chips.

Is there a maximum number of denominations I can get?

Yes. You can get as many as 5 denominations without incurring any extra charges, so long as you have a minimum of 40 chips in each denomination. An additional 5 denominations adds $30 to your order.

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